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The machine has fully functional, stable performance, can be interchangeable molds to produce coffee lid, dome lid , flat lid, as well as lunch box, medicine tray, and other different PP, PS, PET, PVC products.

Cup Lid

In the fast-paced realm of plastic forming technology, our state-of-the-art automated plastic forming machine revolutionizes the way cup lids are made. Created to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the beverage industry, this machine excels in creating top-notch, long-lasting cup lids that can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it's to keep your hot coffee steaming or your cold beverages refreshing.

Our cutting-edge machine effortlessly blends into your production line, providing unmatched efficiency and accuracy. It has the ability to handle a wide range of plastics, guaranteeing that every cup lid is not only strong and leak-proof but also meets the latest environmental regulations. Moreover, it gives you choices for using recyclable and biodegradable materials, keeping in line with sustainable practices.

Our machine's precision engineering guarantees that every lid fits flawlessly, preserving the ideal temperature and quality of the beverage, whether it be a piping-hot latte or a refreshing iced tea. Equipped with rapid production capabilities and unfailing quality output, our automatic plastic forming machine is the solution to fulfill soaring consumer expectations while upholding a dedication to excellence and eco-friendliness.

Embrace the future of beverage packaging by investing in our technology, where reliability, efficiency, and eco-conscious manufacturing converge to elevate your product in the competitive market.

Takeaway packaging

In the innovative world of plastic thermoforming production, our state-of-the-art thermoforming machines are now adept at crafting top-tier Takeaway packaging. Designed to cater to the bustling food industry, our machines produce durable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally responsible packaging solutions. 
These containers are tailored for a variety of culinary delights, ensuring that from restaurant to home, the quality and temperature of the cuisine are maintained. Our packaging is engineered for convenience, reusability, and with a keen eye on sustainability, aligning with the eco-conscious values of today's consumers and businesses. Embrace the future of food delivery with our advanced thermoforming packaging technology, where efficiency meets excellence.

Food packaging

In the realm of plastic thermoforming production, our state-of-the-art thermoforming machines stand at the forefront, pioneering in the creation of superior quality food packaging solutions. These innovative systems are adept at crafting a multitude of food-grade packaging options, encompassing a range of applications from fresh produce, bakery goods, to dairy and meat products. 
Our technology ensures that each package is not only robust and functional but also designed to enhance shelf appeal. The process is meticulously calibrated to ensure the highest standards of hygiene, preserving the integrity and freshness of the food within. 
By integrating our thermoforming machines into your production line, you're opting for a sustainable, cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality or performance. With the added benefit of customization, our machines can adapt to various materials and design specifications, ensuring that your food products stand out in the marketplace while remaining safely encased in packaging that's both durable and reusable.

Medical tray

In the ever-evolving medical industry, the demand for precision and sanitation in product packaging is paramount. Our state-of-the-art thermoforming machines meet this demand by producing high-quality medical trays, tailored for safety and durability. 
These trays are designed for use in a variety of medical settings, ensuring that medical instruments and pharmaceuticals are held securely in place, maintaining their sterility from production to point-of-use. Their robust design allows for repeated sterilization and reuse, ensuring cost-effectiveness and sustainability in healthcare facilities. This advanced packaging solution represents our commitment to supporting the medical sector's stringent standards.

Cosmetic tray

In the field of plastic thermoforming production, our advanced machines stand at the forefront of innovation and efficiency, now proudly introducing our capability to produce Cosmetic Trays. Tailored for the beauty industry, these trays exemplify elegance and functionality. 
Our thermoforming process ensures each tray is crafted to perfection, offering a secure and stylish presentation for cosmetics. From eyeshadow palettes to foundation cases, our customizable trays meet diverse packaging needs, reflecting the product's luxury while promising durability and recyclability. They are not just packaging but a statement of quality for your brand.

Hardware inner packaging

In the dynamic field of plastic thermoforming production, our state-of-the-art thermoforming machines are not just limited to food packaging. We extend our expertise to the realm of hardware, offering robust and precision-fit hardware inner packaging solutions. Our machines craft protective enclosures that snugly fit around your products, safeguarding them from the rigors of transit and storage. 
With customizable mold designs, we ensure that whether it's tools, electronics, or automotive components, your items are secured in crystal-clear or custom-tinted packaging, showcasing your product while ensuring its safety. Embrace the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity with our thermoforming solutions, designed for durability and repeated use.

Toy inner packaging

In the innovative world of plastic thermoforming, our state-of-the-art machines bring to life durable and aesthetically pleasing toy inner packaging solutions. Our thermoforming technology excels in creating customized inner trays that not only protect but also enhance the presentation of toys. 
These protective casings are tailored to fit each unique toy with precision, ensuring a snug and secure placement that withstands the rigors of transport. Utilizing eco-friendly materials, our packaging is designed to be both recyclable and reusable, aligning with modern sustainability standards. 
Whether for action figures, collectibles, or educational toys, our thermoforming machines are equipped to deliver high-quality, transparent, or colored packaging, providing a clear view of the product while maintaining its integrity. This is the future of toy packaging – secure, sustainable, and designed to showcase.

Wine Shippers

An automatic plastic forming machine used for creating wine shippers would likely be a machine designed for producing protective packaging for wine bottles during transport. These machines would utilize processes such as injection molding, thermoforming, or blow molding to create durable and resilient plastic packaging that conforms to the shape of wine bottles, providing cushioning and protection against impacts.

The specific application for wine shippers would involve the machine heating plastic pellets, sheets, or preforms and then forming them into molds shaped like wine bottle shippers. These molds would have cavities to accommodate one or more wine bottles, ensuring they are held securely in place. After molding, the plastic would be cooled and then ejected from the machine as a finished wine shipper.

The design of the packaging can vary, ranging from individual bottle shippers to larger crates capable of holding multiple bottles, with features like interlocking layers for stackability and ease of transport. The goal is to minimize movement and potential damage to the bottles during shipping, handling, or storage.


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